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Established in 1641


Welcome to the Modern Languages Department.

We are a friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic team of experienced staff.

Three languages are offered in both junior and senior school: French, German and Spanish.

We have long-standing exchanges with schools in Normandy and Bavaria, and have run cultural/language trips to Spain and Germany in recent years.

We often welcome native speakers of these languages to our department, and we are passionate about bringing languages to life for our pupils.

As the world grows ever more interconnected, the importance of communication and the need to adapt to cultural differences are becoming greater.

Following Scottish Government policy, language-learning now begins much earlier in primary school, and most of our S1 pupils have done significant amounts of learning in French – their main foreign language.

In S2, pupils get an introduction to German and Spanish – half a year of each language. Pupils are expected to choose at least one language (French, German or Spanish) to study in S3.  Those with good linguistic ability should seriously consider taking more than one language.

Department Vision Statement

We aim to encourage and include all pupils, regardless of ability. We strongly believe in the value of language skills for everyone, and do all we can to show pupils the connection with real life.


Mr R. Paterson – Teacher of French / German / Principal Teacher

Miss M Clark – Teacher of Spanish / French

Mrs J.Moffat – Teacher of French / German

Mr F Baille – Teacher of French