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Referee Course


Course Description:

The SQA Referee Development Award provides an opportunity for secondary school pupils to become involved in refereeing and broaden their football knowledge.

The award, run in partnership with the SQA and Specsavers, is a core part of the Scottish FA Referee Operations department’s strategy to encourage and increase participation in refereeing. This is a level 7 course which is designed to be delivered in school. The course assists schools to provide an easy to deliver vocational course.


There are two units:

Unit 1: Laws of the Game – This is mainly theoretical, and focuses on identifying and interpreting the laws.

Unit 2: Practical Refereeing – This requires pupils to apply theoretical knowledge to interpret situations, and includes a fitness component, report writing, and the opportunity to referee a match.

Pupils must achieve 80% or more in Unit 1 in order to sit Level 2. Level 2 is externally assessed by the SFA on the pupils’ ability to apply the laws of the game during a competitive football game.


Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to join their local Referees’ Association and start a career in refereeing.  This is a great opportunity for candidates to keep physically active, be involved in football and generate additional income.