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Senior Sports Leader


Course Description:

The Leadership Award develops knowledge of leadership skills, styles and qualities. It is designed for learners who take, or plan to take, a leading role for an activity. Level 6 Award allows individuals to build self-confidence and self-esteem and encourages learners to respect the cultures and beliefs of others working alongside them.

Course Assessment

Unit 1: Leadership – An Introduction. Pupils will spend a minimum of 20 hours gather information about leadership principles, styles, skills and qualities used both in the past and at present. Pupils will also think about your own qualities, skills and experience in relation to leadership. This reflection on your own leadership potential may help you to think about styles of leadership you may wish to adopt in leadership roles.

Unit 2: Leadership – In Practice. Pupils will be able to further develop their potential for leadership over 40 hours. They will be given the opportunity to lead the planning for an activity, which may be a standalone activity or it may be part of a bigger project. On completion of the activity pupils will have time to reflect on its success and consider carefully the contribution they made.

The course is internally assessed throughout the duration of the year.